Chiropractic? Bulls? Life, death, ghosts and all kinds of love. There is something for everyone in this marvelously narrated story. It’s perfectly delightful. Next book?

Jane - London, England


Love that dog! The vivid narrative left me cringing in one moment, roaring with approval then crying my eyes out in the next. Unspeakable things. Betrayal. Unrequited love. I could not put it down.

Franca - Tuscany, Italy


A new world for the reader.  One of the most important elements in fiction—and one not understood by so many new writers—is that a novel should give readers something to look at and wonder about, something different from their ordinary lives.  

Your novel is exotic, and your characters are compelling. It is a big Dickens-like wonderful mix of elements. It’s a combination coming of age and historical novel. The characters’ personalities and backgrounds are strong and fascinating. There’s an excellent soap opera element to Forget Me Not: one darn thing after another keeps happening The reader never knows quite what’s going to happen next in Forget Me Not, which is excellent. You are a talented writer.

Jim – WA, USA    


First of all, let me just say that I loved Forget Me Not, and I was not prepared to enjoy it because magic realism has never been one of my favorite genres —— with one exception: Laura Esquivel’s Like Water for Chocolate. Forget Me Not has the same marvelous cinematic quality as LWfC, and I found myself seeing FMN as a movie as I read.

Did you have a screenplay in mind while you were writing? I ask because your chapters organize the action in the way LWfC’s installments do, and your mini-histories pin down the timeline as do LWfC’s recipes. A long memoir like yours demands this kind of close attention to structure and you have managed it beautifully

Joan – SF, USA


You sure can paint the picture! It should be in braille … It is a page turner with paragraphs of such poetic description that need revisiting, sometimes chapters later … The backdrop to the narrative is a visual and emotional experience. 

The interwoven detail of the characters is matched by the tapestry of history and events. 

Wait a moment while I linger in the place and live the writing … It has introduced me to things I have never known before and places I have not seen before and left me wanting more.

What do I know? I do know that you have a gift!

Kathi – CT, SA


Love, love, love the book. Couldn't put it down.

Deb – SC, USA

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