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Jacqueline Falcomer was born in Natal South Africa and grew up between Johannesburg and Durban. She has travelled extensively, living in the UK as well as the USA – twice -- and dreams of returning, perhaps one day …

For the last decade she has lived in a small hilltop house, with a   splendid view of the Mediterranean, in Italy.

She still travels including new places likely to be featured in future books.

Forget Me Not  features locations in Mexico, the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Morocco and Italy. The second book in her trilogy of memories, Remember Death,  is set primarily in Austria.

More information about Jacqueline, her inspirations, audio versions and first chapters of upcoming books may be found in this website.  

Personal Thanks

 My thanks to all family and friends who journeyed with me until the end.  Your unstinting support and kind words spurred me on.

Special thanks go to: Marie Louise Nykamp, who has supported every endeavor I have ever undertaken; this may have been the best; to Meriby Sweet, who was willing to read the book several times, looking for misplaced oddities and turns of phrase; James Thayer (http://www.jamesthayer.com), who provided encouragement to write with my own voice. To each of you I am vastly grateful.

To my First Readers, Barbara Hodgkins, Kathy and Klaus Weixelbaumer, Joan More, Simona Berretti and Deb Schwartz: you were very brave to take this on. Your feedback and enthusiasm to forge onward from Chapter One helped me make the leap into this full-blown tale. I have immense appreciation for your patience.

In addition, several sources of help along the way to discovering my storytelling:

Joanna Penn


Bernice Fischer


Dr. Thomas Lamar


Derek Murphy


David Henderson


Alessandro Gargioli


Fred and Lisa Renk


On-line Writing Group


 Jon Ulmer


And not to forget all the chicken farmers, beekeepers, hummingbird and owl twitchers who were unstinting in their help with these critters. 

Sincere thanks to you all


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